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The Indian in me speaks out:


There is a whole world of people and opinions out there.  Who is right , who is off base?  In this case – Both are Right.

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Ok Brit,
     Here is the bottom line on this issue.  Yes, I like an occasional meal with chicken, fish, or beef.  But I remember when my uncle kept warning us kids to not make a pet out of Blacky(The calf).   Then the day came and Blacky was sitting on the dinner table.  No, he didn’t dress for dinner, but someone had dressed him.  Now I said that for this reason: Uncle Chuck was right, we were not going to eat someone we had ridden, played with, and really gotten to know – one smart calf by the way.
     There is a huge segment of the population who are fishermen and yes hunters, who see their sport as a way of life for them, and that really is their choice and God-given right.  If someone is a vegetarian (A better food choice by the way for our health) that is their God-given right as well.
     For health reasons, I now have most meat choices cut out of my diet, but I still would like to have bacon, ham, sausage, and steak every now and again.
Being a forestry graduate and tree hugger, I am infuriated by those who without a lot of thought or regard, clear-cut large parcels of trees to make way for a new strip mall.  I want to scream : Leave these living breathing trees alone.
     It is one thing to utilize the practice of T.S.I. (Timber Stand Improvement  by a careful selection and cutting practice) and quite another to flat out remove all trees from a designated area without regard to reforestation or replenishing the woods.
{My daughter actually sparked this (story) poem.  We were riding in the car and she gasped at a section of forest that had been logged.  In the Forestry business we call this a clear-cut.  It is not a good practice, as it leaves many nearby trees vulnerable to the wind and weather – causing blow- downs. “For a minute there Dad, I couldn’t breathe,” she said.}
My Tree and Me
I heard a young child muse:
     The human race will die for sure,
If all the trees are gone;
     Without this air we won’t endure.
The oxygen that they supply,
    It won’t return – it’s gone.
The air we breathe is thinner now.        
     We can’t survive for long.               
Then all mankind will die.
    We brought it on ourselves.      
Expanding, building – leaving no trees.        
     by our pride and greed for wealth. 
It left us poor and desolate.
     One last tree – its life to give.
We tore it from its home – its soil,
     Without regard its need to live.
I Woke Up From This Dream
I looked outside my window pane,
     A single tree was spotted there.
I ran and stood beside it,
     So thankful for our air.
Instead of cutting down a tree,
     I’ll plant a thousand with my hands;
Replenishing more oxygen,
     And spread this word across the land.
Here is my point.  All of this known creation is a living breathing THING that we are caretakers of (Listen to the Indian in me). 
     The early Native American thought nothing of using every ounce of the Buffalo to bring nourishment to his family, as well as warmth and covering.  Nothing of the Buffalo was wasted down to the Buffalo horn itself. (It was carved for many uses and utensils.)  It was even part of the ceremonial headdress worn by a Chief.
     This world was made for man by His Creator; man was not made for this world.  While no one should dictate how another man or woman must eat or drink, each can form his own personal opinion on these matters.  In the end – who is right – BOTH are justified and both are RIGHT!!! 
Where eagles fly above life’s storms,
Don (Greywolf)