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leikec – 2008-05-30 12:57 PM

Is there any real value to the critique section?  Can a misinformed critique do more harm than good? 

I’m learning everyday, but right now I’m not qualified to critique your work beyond telling you that I like or dislike the story – and even that can be difficult if the chapter is a very small part of a large novel. 

I don’t think the experienced writers spend much time in that section, so most of the opinions on submissions are coming from people like me.  Am I wrong about this?  

My worry is that other inexperienced writers might be giving advice they aren’t qualified to give, and that people will make changes based on that advice that ends up doing more harm than good.  I do understand that the critique section should be approached as a “buyer beware” market – and you get what you pay for in this world, but the mission of this forum (among other things) should be to educate and inform writers – even if they are beginners.

What do you think?  Can the critique section be improved?  Should it be improved?  I freely admit that I might be missing something here, so tell me if you think I’m looking at this wrong.  I love this forum, and I think it is a tremendous resource. 

This thread may bite me, but I think it raises a valid question.  

Jeff C




I’m a teenage writer that, thanks to Writer’s Digest and the critique forums, was able to improve my writing dramatically thanks to the members on here giving me feedback on my work.

I used to suck at writing, but when I came here, they told me to stop sucking and write a better story. A month or so later, I wrote a very successful story that was very different from the stuff I did write previously and everyone noticed that.

I would probably be writing craptacular stories right now if it weren’t for the critique forums.