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jrtomlin – 2008-05-31 11:49 AM

jmar2 – 2008-05-31 11:19 AM

Re: “you’re selling it to an editor or publisher”. Naw. You present it to the editor/publisher. But they ain’t the ones that plunk down the grocery money for your masterpiece. You, me and all the readers do that. It’s a marketplace. You’re selling, they’re buying. And if the bean counters don’t think enough readers have bought your book, those editors and publishers can’t rescue you.

Of course, I’m talking popular fiction here. There are always niches for the artiste. There is always the kudos and credits for the ‘masterful tale of …’ whatever Oprah tells her drooling followers to buy.

But for the grunt writers, like me. If you skip by my book on the way to catch your overpriced flight at some airport, then you have cast your opinion loud and clear on the quality of my writing. And if you pick me up on your way to Nantucket, and cradle me in your hands as you sit on the porch enjoying the ocean breeze, then you have also cast your opinion and cast it in a way no editor or publisher can.

You’ve also cast it in a way that means more to me than any critique, or professional review.  You’ve bought my book and you’ve read it.  The buying is nice, but the reading is everything. 


Are you saying that you “present” it to the editor/publisher and they DON’T buy it? Then those comsumes will never get the CHANCE to pass buy the novel on the way to Nantucket or where ever. Way before it gets to the consumer, it is the editor’s opinion that matters. They plunk down the corporations money. And if they make many wrong decisions it’s their job that is on the line. They know this and you darn well better care about whether they like it or not if you want anyone else in the world to see it unless you post it on some free website where you family and friends can admire it.

I’m sure the, and I believe the number is 22, agents/editors/corporate money plunkers thought the same as you about the first “Harry Potter” MS. Reality says differently.

Some of us are still working our way on to number 23.