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I’m going to drop my two cents in on this issue…  Advice can come from anywhere like others have said.  You just have to look at it to see what you like and what you don’t like…  Remember two editors could look at the same piece even, one may think it’s the most amazing thing they have ever read, the other may think it’s garbage and you get a big fat rejection letter.  Two people, two different reactions to your piece.  You have to look at critiques that way.

First off, I don’t think you should be looking to a critique for a major overhaul of your work.  YOU need to be able to do that.  I think part of the critique section is for “I think something may be wrong with this, and I’m not sure what it is…”  You have to be able to do most of your editing yourself, or you’ll probably never end up a published writer.  A good critique may just be a group of people who all point something out that is the same, OR may just be something that someone says that makes a lightbulb go off.  Like about a portion of a story that just isn’t working. 

As for the English major not being able to do a critique?  Well I actually take offense to that.  I AM an english major, and I think they have valueable things to say.  I don’t critique on grammar so much, or sentence structure.  And anyone that says that’s what an English major does?  Well I don’t know what college they’ve been going to, but English at the colliegate level today is about critical analysis and deep interpretation.  What that means is a TON of reading.  And, if you ask most seasoned authors on here or elsewhere, one of the things they say makes a good writer is having been well read.  I just personally haven’t had as much time to critique down in the section lately.

Look at it this way… You have the final say on all your work.  Putting something up for critique just means that you are willing to relook over your piece.  I don’t really think on here you could do anything different than exists.  And personally… those who have more experience and are furtively published… well they are probably spending most of their time writing pieces to get further published.  Understand?  The critique section is a great way for people to look to each other for small bits of advice.  Don’t expect miracles from ANY form of critique.  As a writer you yourself have to be able to figure out what in the end works or what doesn’t.