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Laurie Zupan

I have a macbook and would highly recommend it. I had a Dell laptop for my last computer, and it worked great until I started adding software and drivers for things like printers or scanners. After about three years, it was broken enough to crash several times a day. It also overheated so that I had to use icepacks on top of tea towels (I wasn’t going to waste $50 on a “cooling pad” in order to keep it in my lap.

With the macbook, I’ve had none of those problems. It finds other devices like wireless connections, printers, etc. and makes connecting a breeze. It’s fast and easy to use. I use Pages as my word processor, but there is Microsoft Word available if that’s what you are used to. If you price the macbook, it’s pretty comparable to a PC laptop if you get similar components on both. They also offer quite a few video tutorials to get you started. Even when I’m running a DVD and working on a project, it doesn’t get too hot for my lap and has never crashed due to overheating. For quality and endurance, I’d highly recommend the macbook. For what you want, I wouldn’t recommend the Macbook Pro – too much added stuff and bulkier to carry around.