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abqwriter – 2008-05-29 3:32 PM Ok, I paid $1300 for my Macbook, and that included iWork, a superdrive, and an adapter to connect to my monitor. I don’t pay for the Applecare. That price did include an HP printer/scanner/copier which was free with mail-in rebate. That’s really not an unreasonable amount of money to pay for a reliable laptop and printer, especially when the entire cost can be written off as a business expense.

that’s a good deal. still more than I could pay, though. my laptop was $499, printer 59 (3-in-1, with card slot) and portable hard drive 129. and we get a 10% discount. 🙁 I paid $399 in 2001 for my other dell.  which still works, but we had to wipe it out, reinstall new software. no cost, but still. 

 and yeah. business exp you can write off down the road. but you still have to fork over the cash. 🙁 with the medical bills we have, it just wasn’t an option. I do, though.  I wish we could have swung the MAC.