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argh. funny you ask. I just had to buy a new laptop. the problem was microsoft, however. *&@#$! software. everything was corrupted. took 2 microsoft gurus to help me.

 I love my old dell. I love my new dell. (I did squeak in the order before they got rid of XP, though.) I wish I could afford a MAC, though. there’re just not the issues you have w/PC’s. but the fact is they’re so dang expensive. both my dells AND printer AND backup hard drive cost me less than the one MAC I looked at. granted we get a small discount thru hubby’s work at Dell–but even then. you couldn’t beat the price.

 so frankly, I see my dell as disposable. even if I have issues again, it’s going to be cheaper to have a few dells than one MAC. so, I’m backing things up, printing stuff out. I have my little thumb drives. but what can you do? If I had the cash, I’d be all over a MAC. *sigh*

 fyi-the chill pads can be bought online at walmart for 19.99. a must have for any laptop.