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Macs run a different version of Word than PCs do so you’d need a new version. Generally swapping files back and forth isn’t as much of a problem as it used to be but if you’re used to a PC and have PC software you might well want to stick with one.

You can get a good laptop PC for in the $1000 range, Cheapskate, or even a little less if you look for a good deal. As far as durability, you’ll frequently see Mac users going on about how PCs fall apart in a couple of years but Macs don’t. Yet I have a friend who had his Mac laptop in for repairs after 6 months–but of course he had all kinds of excuses why this wasn’t Apple’s fault. LOL The Dell I recently replaced because I wanted something I could game on had never been repaired after heavy use for four years. Both PCs and Apples tend to be solid pieces of machinery these days, fanbois notwithstanding, but either can give you trouble just as with any machinery so you want a company with good cusomer service. I have been happy with Dell’s and Toshiba’s and I’ve seen that Apple has good customer service, although I don’t buy them. 🙂

I would avoid a HP though. Their reputation at the moment isn’t good. I’ve been happy with every Toshiba I’ve ever had and this last time if I’d had a little more cash I would have gone with one. And as I said, I’ve done extremely well with Dells. I’d go on their websites and look at what they offer and for what prices. You DON’T need their priciest machines which are meant for gamers and for people who run heavy duty graphics.