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Laurie Zupan

Georganna – 2008-05-26 6:57 PM

Oh, Lisa, how exciting! she gushes.

Seriously, word process on a cell phone?  I wouldn’t even send text messages — too hard on the thumb joints.  I’ve already battled down tendonitis for both sides.

Or do I misunderstand, not even owning a cell phone.  Will the iPhone somehow interface with the laptop so you can use your broadband to go online?  That’s what the Verizon ads look like … can you hear me now? 

What the “gurus” are saying is that the cell phone will eventually become your laptop in a pocket – same capabilities, etc. As for the typing, that technology will also follow with either infra-red keyboards which display on whatever surface you want to use or small, flexible, durable keyboards and mice. The lovely part about Apple is that devices already share. I can get files off my husbands computer and he can off mine if they are in our shared folders. He can also save files from his computer to his iPod Touch and then open them on my laptop.

The technology is almost there … just a few more generations.

I can’t wait – I hate having to lug a laptop around.

Oh, and as far as the broadband – you can already use your cell as your modem if you have syncing capability and the right type of cell phone. The advantage of the iPhone is that there is full web capability wherever you can get cell service. It also has gyroscope functionality so that when you turn the cell phone sideways, the data being displayed also adjusts and turns with you. Some of the new games being developed use this gyroscope as part of the gaming feature, so that the phone becomes a handheld gaming tool – you can hold the phone and “roll” a virtual marble all over the surface, “fly” your spacecraft by lifting or turning the phone, etc.

I am totally enamored…