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Ultimate Cheapskate – 2008-05-26 9:41 AM

If you’ve heard wails of angst coming from the Eastern Seaboard lately, that would be me as I come to grips with the fact that I need to invest in a laptop computer before I start writing my next book. Unlike my first book, which I had the luxury of writing from the comfort of my own garage-office, this book, The Cheapskate Next Door (spring 2010 – Random House), will require me to embed myself with fellow cheapskates across the country so that I can learn their tricks and tell their stories. Alas, this will require me to both buy a laptop and start wearing more than just underwear when I write. The price we pay for our art…

So, being a low-tech cheapskate, I welcome any suggestions for what I should buy, how much I should pay (gulp), and where I should shop. Since I plan to travel in part by bicycle, it would help to have something lightweight, compact, and durable. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

Now wait just a dang minute. You’re already a published author, right? Not to mention a famous cheapskate. I don’t think you should pay one red cent for a laptop. Some savvy company should comp you one, in exchange for you mentioning it in your book. “Jeff Yeager, the ultimate cheapskate, wrote his second penny pincher’s guide on his ______ laptop, while crammed in the nooks and crannies of fellow cheapskates’ homes.” Or something along those lines. 

I’m serious. I’d bet a red cent that one of the biggies would be happy to give you a laptop. You could even get them competing with each other. “Well, I am waiting for a callback from Mac; they were just debating which model to send.”

Good luck!