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abqwriter – 2006-06-15 3:55 PM

Welcome to the forum.  How wonderful to continue to make new goals and start new adventures in your 70’s. 

My father is in his 70’s and is grumbling his way across Italy at the moment.  My mother decided she was tired of sitting in the rocking chairs waiting to die and booked them on a three-week tour of Italy.  My mom wrote in her last email that when he thinks she isn’t looking, he actually smiles and lets himself enjoy the adventure for a few moments. 

I have thirty years to think about what I’ll do in my 70’s, but if I’m still around then, I hope for it to be some other new adventure I have yet to try! 

Thanks for the inspiration.

Uh, Lisa – just becareful if you start the rock climbing thing – ya know being a woman there is that threat of bone mass loss, osteoperosis, I’m just trying to look out or ya.

But if you are insistent on persuing this aventure – I’ll be about the same age, and if I can still see, I’d love to write about it.

Just let me know –

Uh, rj, hope we havent given you any crazy ideas…

Karen 😉