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Snoopy59 – 2007-04-19 8:04 AM

That is the most weirdest bug I’ve ever seen. Do keep them over your side of earth.

Flies . . . yep! We’ve got millions of those in Oz (We’re so good at swatting flys. We call it the Aussie Sallute)

I hate mosquitoes: Can you imagine being all nice and cozy, tucked up in bed. It’s all dark and silent. You’re almost off to noddyland when you hear a buzz, buzz, buzzzzzzzzzzz in your ear. It goes away, and comes back just as you’re almost off to sleep. I don’t want to get up to get the insect spray, so I swat into space hoping to punch his lights out (the mozzie that is, not hubby) Then I think…leave me alone…go bite someone else (hehe!)


Mosquitos suck, but not as bad as baseball.