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Check out my Shoo fly piece.  Bugs are definately a Pain in the behind.  See below:

Shoo Fly



 One day a tiny fruit fly decided he would to bother me.  I swatted and I swung my hands to hit it, and I swear I heard him laughing.  Time and again it returned to light on my ear and my nose.  I’d really had it up to here with this wacky fly.  It was the biggest pest of my day – the largest annoyance of all.  But why should I let such a small pesky fly ruin my day.  I would love to turn the tables on him and become tinier than he. I could then become his pain in the butt , by zooming in and out on him.   It would then be his turn to go stark raving mad because of me.  By the way, I’m not really losing it.  I think we all secretly wish we could change places with the ever vigilant bull frog – sitting patiently on his lily pad waiting for his next meal.   He gets to eat anything that bugs him.  Fly soup anyone? 

Where eagles fly,