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I have started using the notes in yWriter for my world building. It seems to work relatively well for me. I can title different notes such as for the history of various noble houses or the history of different nations.

You can do pretty complete character sketches in the character section and it will track with scenes are from which PoV which is helpful to me when I’m doing a novel with multiple PoVs. And will even auto-fill storyboards with that information. Since my fantasy novels have a lot of different locations, the location section is useful too. (Am I the only one who sometimes gets confused about if I called that keep Direhold or Direholm? LOL)

I was pretty resistant to changing to it for writing having always written in Word (with a short stent of trying out Open Office). But I find yWriter to be the best PC writing application I’ve tried. It shows that it was developed by a writer. But I have to say when the guy who doesyWriter came out with his new version he hit exactly what I needed. 🙂

Sorry, I don’t mean to enthuse but the more I use it the more I like it.