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Jamesaritchie – 2008-02-14 4:38 PM

jrtomlin – 2008-02-14 3:29 PMBut James the problem is that it only works for Luddites. I’m not an affiliate of that particular organization and my computer refuses to recognize the file type. 🙂

It’s okay.  We have an open membership policy.  We decided there’s no rational reason keeping such advanced technology to ourselves.  It’s true many outdated computers will not recognize the file type, which is why we Luddites strontgly advise everyone to simply discard these outdated machines and use Luddite 1.0 excluseively.

We now have an updated version of Luddite, which is called, what else, Luddite 2.0.  You can see it here.

James, when I clicked on to your link, all that came up was a jpg of a paper and pen.  Help!  I wanted to look at this!  I’ve been working with a quill, and this seems like a huge improvement…where can I find out about this new technology????   🙂  Riv