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Looks like this has been resolved, but I’d like to throw something in. I’ve never used Liquid Story Binder XE, but those functions sound an awful lot like what the free program Celtx can do. Liquid looks much more graphical and fancy, but I don’t think I’d like using that. Celtx has a nice, simple, easy-to-use interface. Plus, again, it’s free. It has a lot of different templates, ranging from plain text (just a field to type in, like in any standard word editor) to character profiles, storyboards, screenplays, calendars, and tons more. It kind of leans toward theater, but I use it for writing projects and just ignore the theater-y stuff. Generally I use the character profile formats to do profiles, and detail setting and things like that in plain text. It doesn’t seem to be able to nest quite like Liquid can, but what you have is one “project” file that has multiple files under it.

I don’t write my actual fiction directly in it (it does occasionally crash- not often at all, but once in a blue moon is enough to make me write the story in Microsoft Word, just to be safe, and then transfer it into Celtx every so often) but if you want options like that, it’s very useful. It also has this nifty online function that I think is intended for collaboration. I’ve never had the urge to use it, but it looks interesting.