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Ahem…errr…**tentative smile**, as well as being a writer…**blushes**…I’m a reviewer. **quickly ducks**
I see my job as having two main roles: 1) Helping potential readers know whether a book is the sort which would appeal to them, or perhaps entice them to give a new genre a try. 2) Providing an honest, thoughtful and educated critique to the author. I have actually had thank you letters from authors whose work I’ve reviewed. Thankfully, so far, they’ve been nice letters but I expect a day may come when I’ll receive the other sort as well. (I guess, a form of negative review in reverse!) I would hope that an author could garner some information from every review, good or bad, which would help them grow. However, I know that there are some power-mad creeps out there who take delight in pulling someone else down. They are easy to spot – their reviews are usually vitriolic and spiteful. Why not write a review of their review and send it back? HAHAHAHA
Just don’t do it to me, ok?