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Mikala Engel

mammamaia – 2009-09-23 8:08 PM lots of folks used to think humans were just as tasty… and some still do… so it still amazes me that various societies ok the eating of some this and thats and ban the eating of other this and thats, when all of ’em are fellow members of the animal kingdom… which, to me and many other moral vegetarians = the most basic form of cannibalism… humans are sure funnier ‘n monkeys!

“Moral vegetarion?”  Nah, you want us to kill off all the meat species.  If you can’t sell the meat, all those herds of cows, pigs, etc, will have to die.  Can’t afford to keep them around.  Besides, how is murdering veggies moral?  Fruitarians think you’re as immoral as you think meat eaters are.
And cows may be fellow members of your family, but not of mine.  And if we are all fellow members, then we can’t kill rats, mice, or mosquitoes, either. 
Of course, the real problem with eating people is that it’s illegal.  But make it legal and open a hunting season on vegetarians, and I’ll bet restaurants would start serving them. 
Seriously, I respect those who don’t eat meat because they think it’s unhealthy, but those who claim moral superiority because they don’t eat meat are living in a fantasy world.