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Mikala Engel

Pat Pechon – 2009-09-23 9:57 AM

Aren’t Groundhogs rodents?

Down here there are folk who eat most anything. Gators, crawfish, now the crawfish ain’t bad. Sweeter than shrimp, not as sweet as lobster. And really we eat some weird stuff. Last weekend we fried oysters.

There is a swamp rat called a Nutria, weighs about twenty lbs. They had a bounty on them at 5 bucks a head. The critters are an import that got loose in the waterways, and they are doing major damage to native plants.

They tried to promote recipes for eating them but, nah.

I’ve done the same, planted a part of the property in what we call deer feed. NO SHOOTING allowed. Helps to keep them out of the berry bushes.

Yes, the groundhog is in the rodent family, but that doesn’t mean anything.  Squirrels are also members of the rodent family, and squirrels are wonderful eating.
I’m real fond of oysters, no matter how you fix them.  Raw is good, fried is good, and oyster stuffing in a turkey can’t be beat.  And whether you call them crawfish, crayfish, or crawdads, they remain a great meal.  We also eat a bunch of mussels up here.  No oysters in our streams, but there are plenty of mussels.  Some real good frog legs, too.
I’ve been surprised that nutria hasn’t caught on, though quite a few do eat it.  Many who don’t even know it.  Call it by its French name, ragondin, and it suddenly gets much more popular.  I’ve been in several restaurants that serve nutria this way.
And venison?  If we didn’t eat venision up here, we’d be neck deep in deer.  We are anyway.  Hunters kill around 125,000 deer each season, cars kill a thousand or so more, and the population is still growing too fast. 
I agree about buffalo, too.  It’s getting to be a pretty common meat.  We even have a buffalo ranch here in Indiana, and about two hundred wild buffalo on a wildlife presevre.  You can buy buffalo meat at many markets here, one within walking distance of where I live, and it is better than beef.  Healthier, too.
I try to eat any and all esoteric meats I can find.  I love eating, and just about everything I’ve tried has been a good experience.