Re: Re: groundhog meat free


Mikala Engel

mammamaia – 2009-09-22 6:29 PM it never ceases to amaze me how humans can be ok with eating some animals, but not others… if groundhog, squirrels, cows, lambs and pigs are so tasty and ok to kill and eat, why not dogs and cats?… or cute and cuddly hamsters and guinea pigs?

Who says it’s not okay to eat dogs, cats, hamsters, and guinea pigs?   Many cultures do exactly this, and are probably better off for it.  I’ve never knowingly eaten dog, cat or hamster, though I have eaten a fair amount of mystery meat, so who knows?  I have eaten guinea pig, and it’s really good. 
What animals to eat is largely cultural, and while one culture either anthropomorphises a given animal, or falls prey to the cuddly factor, another culture sees that animal as only meat. 
Shoot, some people even think pigs are cute and cuddly, even though a pig is a meat eater, and can be as vicious as a lion.  Me, I think pork is about as good as it gets, and just about anything is better with bacon.  I’ve even eaten bacon ice cream, and it beats vanilla or chocolate any day of the week.