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golf? what does golf have to do with it? I have seen Caddyshack and Happy Gilmore if thats what you mean, I just couldnt qoute them to save my life.

“As Long as there has been one true God, there has been killing in his name!” -the Davinci Code! I love (Dan Brown!)

“These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.” -Star Wars A New Hope-

“Their product is certainty. I’m Selling Doubt, that’s my product.” -Religulous- **documentry, Bill Maher**

“Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?” -Rush Hour-

“Look to your feet Grosshopper, and tell me what you see.” -Kung Fu-

“I wanna take his face… Off.” -Face/off-

“You got blood in my fro!” -Pulp Fiction-

“Tell me why should I trade One tyrant 3,000 miles away for 3,000 tyrants one mile away?” -the Patriot-

“They can take our bodies, but they can never take our freedom!” -Braveheart-

“Wanna Here the most annoying sound in the world?…” -Dumb and Dumber-

“The first rule about fight club, is you don’t talk about fight club.” -Fight Club-