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Most of the favourites mentioned in this thread so far are much too recent for me. I don’t know more than a few of ’em. I tend not to watch films which are ‘popculture popular’ or ‘filled with quotable lines for teens to quote’. (Tarantino based his career off this). I usually winnow out not just ‘the line’ –but the moments in the film where the acting was good; and the line just happens to be there too.

What I think is that people tend to valorize whatever media they grew up with. Music or movies or TV, either/any. Obviously I didn’t grow up in the 1930s; but nevertheless I simply never bother to watch a flick if it has a Roman numeral in it (indicating sequel or franchise).

After all, why go backward? I’d rather try to improve the media I’m exposed to, rather than dilute the brew. For instance, I’m totally weak on my Shakespeare. Elizabethan language kills me. Nevertheless, I’d always rather try to become more versed in something worthwhile like that, rather than watch another ‘Police Academy’ or ‘Saw’ or ‘Fast Furious’ sequel.

The upshot is: I feel like I could rattle off my favourites for days on end and never come to a movie made more recently than the nineteen fifties. Bonafide classics, all the way. I think the only franchise flicks I’ve ever seen/enjoyed were probably as few as these: Star Trek II, Rocky II, Godfather II, French Connection II. I just don’t believe you can milk a cow more than once.

Yeah. Once the whole ‘teen sex comedy movie’ trend started, once adult stories stopped predominating, I throw up my hands. And now that so many films are merely computer animations with actor voice-overs, forget it.


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