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Dance Another Day
The announcer’s voice echoed throughout the room “The Grammy for Album of the Year goes to…” I leaned forward in anticipation, “Angela Wolf, with her Album ‘Dance Another Day’!” The crowd erupted with screams, shouts, and applause. I jumped up, tears rolling down my face. I had just won a Grammy.
“Thank you.” I smiled into the microphone, cameras flashed around me as I continued, “This is an amazing honor. I would like to thank…” The orchestra started to play louder, I smiled quickly as I continued, “I would like to thank…” The orchestra played louder again. The battle between me and the orchestra had gone on long enough, I had worked too long and too hard for this award, and I wasn’t going to let some garage band show me up. I walked over to the orchestra and flung one of the musician’s violins halfway across the stage.
“Now if you don’t mind,” I said coldly, “I’d like to accept my Grammy.” The musician nodded in surprise.
As I left the after party, hundreds of news-reporters crowded around me, “What really happened up there?” “Why did you react so suddenly?” and “Are you still accepting the Grammy?” was shouted around me like a hurricane of voices. I calmly stepped into the limo, “When you work that hard for something, you don’t give it up.”
I zoned out as we rode to the hotel. My reaction was sudden, instantaneous, and unexpected, but it got the point across. I was never out staged again, and personally, I think my body-guards might be a little scared of me by now. I grabbed my guitar and sat down in my quiet hotel-room. It was time to start working on my next award-wining album.

If you read this and have any comments please give me some feedback. Thank you so much for spending time to read my story! 😀