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I was a 17 yr old above average student when I confessed to my mother my interest in singing and Ricky Martin. She did get pissed off at the later choice but a week later she gave me a thousand dollars and threw me out of the house.

I knew she wanted me to make it as a singer, I knew it because I saw her crying at the window sill. Also the ticket to L.A. at the gate was too big a clue to miss. So with no educational qualifications for a backup job nor any big contacts I head off to L.A with big dreams…

About my singing, I never realized I had it until at a mall where I was with this Indian neighbor whom I had to show Ohio. So in the mall we had this small contest where he participates and comes out in the first round and when he shows me the bike as the 1st prize, I decide to test my baritone. Ofcourse I don’t win but I was the 2nd runner-up and not that but the fact that I could pull an otherwise self-obsessed shopaholics to listen to my song, I thought maybe this is it.

So when I land in L.A. I go to a record company, sing a song I wrote in the flight, make a cd, make 10 copies and send it to some music guys, bands and expect a reply. 2 days passed by and no one replied and I lost all the money I had on food and living in a motel. I begin to lose my hope, lose faith in my destiny and head back. I walk to the airport where I realize I don’t even have the cash to buy a ticket to go home. With not even a single penny left to call my mom and ask to send some cash I stand on the street and gaze at the setting Sun and try realize the metaphor it has with my life. Then my eyes go on the small snack bar where a man is eating a giant burger. He takes a bite, finishes it and gives the waiter a hefty tip. Then I look at the streets

The Sun had set but the streets of L.A. were lit with lights.

So I begin to serve tables. I also sang on the streets to make some extra money but the fact that I made some extra money reignited in me back the confidence that I could sing. The Sun had risen. But this time I woke up early to see it rise, and I observe the sun rose gradually, slowly and steadily until all its beams took over L.A. streets.

I start off again, wrote better songs, took some feedback. The crowd at the restaurant where I sang would stay longer than their food. Then a lady asked me to sing at her 4 yr old son’s birthday. I grabbed the opportunity, sang at the birthday party, not just there I also sang at the Christmas party, New Year’s Party and I rose. Then I got a call, it was an offer…

The Sun had taken over the L.A. streets and my album was nominated for the Grammy, where I went and came back empty handed. It was my 3rd nomination that made me walk up the stage to catch hold of the prestigious trophy. I was walking towards the stage to collect the reason I had left my home. But as I walk I hear the orchestra play a familiar tune. Oh my God they are playing the ‘Go back’ music which they play when winners give really long speeches. But mine wasn’t even started. Maybe it’s a goof up or some silly prank. I collect the award but instead of handling me the mike, the presenter in the black gown thanked me, gave me air kisses and said

‘Thank you have your seat’ and she smiled back at the other losers who couldn’t make it. ‘But I haven’t even’ I try to argue when I hear the orchestra play the ‘Go Back’ tune again. I politely walk back but why the hell should I be polite so I shake my belly, dance with the music, and do all the Bollywood steps and walk back to the stage. The orchestra plays louder I shake my belly more grossly. They play even louder, I grab the rude presenter and do ball dance with her, she screams and I leave her hand causing her to lose her balance and fall off the stage. The crowd goes ‘Ooohh!!!’

‘Shut up ok, just shut up’ I yell ‘I’ve worked too hard for this’ I raise the award and look at the orchestra guys ‘How dare you? Hah! I’ve waited a lot for this, if I deserve this I also deserve to stand here and speak a few words . Words about myself, my hardwork, my dedication, my efforts’
The air conditioner noise can be heard in the silent crowd. The orchestra head points behind at a manager. I walk to him, he goes back stage, I follow him. ‘How dare you?’ I ask. ‘We’re already late Sir’ he excused. ‘I don’t care, I worked hard for this. There are so many people to thank’ I explain.
‘I know Sir.’ ‘No you don’t, I had this speech ready’ I remove a big sheet of paper from my jacket ‘See I had to thank my boss who gave me my first job, the 4 yr old child…’

He interrupts ‘I know, his mother, the boss’ mother, your mother but what do I do. I was late.’ My mother! I had completely forgotten about her, how she must be doing alone, she must’ve retired by now. She raised me and I don’t even know whether she was alive or

He says ‘Look Sir try to understand my problem. And about this thank you speech’ I hide the sheet behind my back. He continues ‘There are other places to thank people, interviews, reality shows, twitter’

He was right, there are other places to thank people but I just saw one place. I take the first flight to Ohio and run back to my apartment and the house which I had left 5 years ago. I look at the broken gate where mom had left the ticket to L.A. I walk to the door but can’t muster enough courage to knock the door and face my mother. I turn back to leave when I hear a noise. I put my ear on the door and hear the Grammy show. I can’t take it anymore, I knock the door loudly. The door is opened, I see my mother. I remove my goggles to wipe my tears ‘Ma!!!’

At dinner I asked her why did she not call me. She said she was busy with her work. She was obviously lying cause I hadn’t given her my number even after my 1st two songs got nominated for the Grammys. I never went to the stage to collect the Grammy. My mom went and collected 5 of them for me.

If anyone reads this, please give a feedback. Thanks.