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Hi G-Girl,

Thanks for your (KIND) post. It was written with respect for other people, I guess is what I should say. I didn’t make the respectful rule up—-Higher Power did!

G-Girl if you ever see any grammar mistakes in my posts will you let me know please? That will help me! (Thanks!) My friend who pointed my grammar mistake out to begin with said he would keep helping me too. I don’t mind being corrected in writing. What I do mind is getting “PUT DOWN” in the process!!! I can even handle rejection letters because they are about my work (not about me personally being a stupid person)!

To me it is soooooooooo (SAD) to think how many people may have left this helpful site due to put downs!! I am not going to lie and say everyone on this forum is nice because some are not. (including myself sometimes when I have been pushed to my limit!) I wish I could say the opposite but in all honesty, I can’t!

They are what they are, Put Downs and I myself almost left due to this problem. I am 54 years old so it has nothing to do with young age or taking things the wrong way! I know the world is made up of all kinds of people but I never understood a person who cuts other people down to make themselves feel better!

I may not be so good with grammar but thank you so much G-Girl for pointing out to me that I do know something about CAPITALIZATION!! I hadn’t realized that. It’s just something that comes naturally and I hadn’t even realized it!

You really made my day! I thank you for being who you are-YOURSELF!!!!!