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Hey Jen–I’ve been (silently) following this thread with interest. I’ve always prided myself on a moderately good sense of proper grammar, but many of the things that bother me the most do so because I’ve fought them myself. My father was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, and “usetacould” was a pretty common expression around our household. One of the hardest habits for me to kick was putting an “r” (verbally) in “wash” or “Washington”–as in “warsh.” A good friend and I made a pact to help each other ditch the regional speech (especially since I haven’t the accent to pull it off!), and it worked. Now it drives me crazy when I hear it. 😉 I have to keep reminding myself that I was there not that many years ago. I’m thrilled to see that you, unlike many on this forum, have an appreciation for capitalization where appropriate–you go girl!