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I still say YOU did the neatest job of answering me out of all the replies. You answered professsionally (like ok Jenifer, JACK THEM BOOTSTRAPS UP AND LET’S GET IT CORRECT) but yet with a humanly humorous attitude to go along with it!!!! The things I say here are my opinions but I too have the right to express them!! I believe you know how to interact with people and that is what makes a business grow!! It is what helps People TO GROW AND LEARN! (NO ONE) IS BEYOND LEARNING!!!!

I sure was glad that NO ONE tee-tees in your cereal every morning!!!!!!! That would make a person miserable with themself and everyone else they encountered!!!! (Wicked??) I try to be a sweet person because I know what it is like to be hurt over and over and over and over again!!!! But, all humans have their limits and sometimes I reach mine too!!

Speaking of SHUCKS and CORN, just want you to know that I was born in Ames, Iowa. I ran and played in many a corn field when I was little. Soooooooooo I have a mixed accent. (Midwestern and Southern) Reckon that is what makes me stupid??? HA!!!! Did you know that Iowa has a town called Story City ??? For Real-no fiction!!!

All I have ever written is fiction!!! You know what???? Don’t you just love what Blue Ocean puts at the end of her posts???? HUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!

Well guess I had better close now. I need to run down to the store real quick and purchase a NEW BROOM!!! Mine is totally worn out! You know, what with Halloween and ALL!!!!

Maybe I need to change my hide behind name Pippi Longstocking, to something like WITCH JEN JEN!