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Hi! Susan, Thank you. And of course Thank you for the laughs.

I am a ‘new’ fiction writer… working on a science fiction story…. and I have other story ideas pop up. so I work on those a bit then go back to the main story.

I know.. I need focus… and get it done. At least I will feel better
The tough part is the historical research.

Anyway I admire alll the people who KNEW they were a writer like right away.
Ghee I have gone around the career merry-go-round and I keep coming back to being the one to create the story.

I took a storyboard class, and that was probably the biggest eye-opening experience (I was taking classes for a certificate in 3D – Animation).
While my drawing still needs major work I had good stories, even one for a tv-series/show.

So I am still looking for regular employment (lost my job November 2009)

Hopefully I don’t sound too chaotic – LOL!