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Thanks for your views and they have been well taken and yes you sure did help. I’m very grateful.

However, As stated in the very beginning this was not a sugar coated write. People though well-meaning have sweet talked for ages about the way men of the earth pollute and do Satan’s bidding. Yes they hear but are they really listing? The correction was right there. “We have to turn from our ways and do what God tells us we are to do!” Follow Christ’s lead and turn from all evil in all that we do. It was written in stone long ago and concrete will make no difference as to how man takes God’s truth and turns it to his own. To have a positive feeling left to a reader has yet to be fully taken note of when it comes to what God teaches. I’m sure that this write will fall by the way-side and be shuffled into all the other junk that others have wrote. That’s how man does things and has done since day one. Who’s going to change man? Sure as heck not my write, but I don’t sugar coat what God has to say about the matter. If it makes even one person stop and think about the things that have taking place then, as well as now, or in the near times that come, then it was worth what I wrote just as it is. Mans doom is just that. Unless they turn from the wickedness of Satan and do as God Commanded. That’s the real facts and no matter what type of glaze one tries to coat the words with God/Christ is the “One and Only” Master, Ruler and Savior. So, A Rant it stays. LOL I stated that most would not view this as a great work and that was not my intent to begin with. Our eyes are open and we hear but we “do not Heed.”