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I found this piece to be one of great encouragement and optimism. I felt “good” reading your words. I particularly liked the 9th paragraph where you reference your favorite passage. Your entire work is extremely “personal,” but this paragraph offered additional insight into your depth and the catalyst for writing this message.

This is extremely well written, clear, and consise. I don’t think it bothered me that there was no transition between the God of your youth, and the God you know today. I, too, immediately “wondered” about YOUR transition/the transformation, but it ALSO brought to mind the transition that many make over the years–the difference between youthful understanding of spiritualism and the seasoned-life-experiences view of our path to God’s love. Maybe I just identified in my own personal life to that transition, so much so, that it felt a natural progression for me.

That said, even a simple transition, without a great deal of specific detail, would add further cohesion to a great piece.