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I love the majority of stories in the better literary journals. I believe genre writers consider plot as something that’s an entire story, and with a solution at the end. Some literary stories use this type of plot, but most follow a pattern of real life situations. Episodes in real life often have no neatly tied up resolution, but still affect us profoundly.

To me, genre fiction is often extraordinary people doing extraordinary things in order to solve a problem of epic proportions. Literary fiction is ordinary people doing ordinary things, trying to live through the same type of problems we all face.

Plot is there, but it’s often left unsaid, not spelled out on the page. It’s left to the reader, just as the “plot” in real life episodes is left to those who live the episode.

The classic example of this may be Hemingway’s six word short story. For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never worn.

Real life. Real drama. Real heartache. Real plot. But none of it on the page.