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Mikala Engel

mammamaia – 2009-10-05 6:08 PM given that the newstand price of glossy mags made them a luxury only for the wealthier minority, it had to happen… and subscriptions alone can’t keep making them money, when they’re getting discounted down to less than what it costs them to print…

Well, there’s still a lot more to it.  When a magazine begins making huge amounts of money from ads, too many of them set up a structure that means only ad money pays for anything, and they allow printing costs to soar, salaries to soar, office space to become ridiculously big and expensive, on and on and on.
Magazines that don’t follow this stucture usually survive with a far smaller circulation base, and with magazines that are just as slick and glossy.
Bad business decisions cause very large magazines to fail. . .usually the mentaility that such things as ad money will never shrink.  Gourmet still sold enouigh ads, and at a high enough rate, to make several better run magazines profitable.