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Mikala Engel

mammamaia – 2008-11-15 5:13 PM I enjoy switching genres very much. It’s great fun. the challenge, or at least an item on my priority list, was finding an agent who could roll with that. …you’re not bound to stick with only one agent… a literary agent reps the work, basically, more than the writer, so as long as your contract with your first agent is drafted properly, you can have one for your horror [or whatever] stuff and another for your gothic romances [or whatever]… very few [if any] agents will rep all genres, so don’t expect to find one who’ll want to handle all of your work, if you write in several…

Odds are extremely high that you’ll have one agent for everything except screenplays.  Darned few agents could earn a living repping only one genre.  Most rep several genres, and will insist that she handle everything you write.
While no one agent handles every genre, most of the good agents handle all but one or two genres, and these are most often low selling genres, at that.  And if the agent doesn’t handle more than one or two genres, odds are even higher that another agent within the same agency will handle it, and one contracts applies to all.