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I’m off to type in the second author.  BTW, please don’t get hung up on “who’s the author and what’s the book”.  It’s not about that.  It’s about getting the feel of another’s work–what can you learn, what can you use, what can you avoid. 

I’ll report stats again tomorrow. But it isn’t really about the stats, either. 

It’s very liberating to see the bones of published work, sentence by sentence.  It really begins to take your mind off the word by word process we — okay, I –can get so hung up on.  That’s what I’m really learning here.  How to foreshadow, how to move forward, how much dialogue did this author use, etc. 

It isn’t about imitating the author.  It’s more about learning to see how that author thinks.  I think if I were to do three books by the same author, the second two would be a waste of time.  It’s the process I’m trying to deciphor.  How do you set the pace and tone of the book in order to keep the reader with you?  How do you add enough detail and description to lure the reader forward without tempting them to skip over your prose?  How do you create a character who is likable, yet isn’t wooden or cliche’?  How do you tell enough of a character’s background to set up the story without boring your reader with backstory?  How do you set your piece in time and place inobtrusively?  Riv