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Third and final posting of this study.  This author is a man, with also more than thirty books to his credit.  Same genre.  His language is at about grade 8, and his passive sentences ran about 6%.

I’m glad I chose a male author to compare with the two ladies, because his writing style is totally different.  He is very forthright and businesslike, but he knows how to hook the reader.  Once again, I found myself reading instead of typing…to be honest with you, I had to stay up last night and finish the book.  I haven’t finished the other two.  I will finish the first, but will toss the second unread.

What this guy’s “it” factor is about is pacing.  He just hooks you in and you don’t want to stop reading.  You know, or you think you know, what’s coming next…but you’re wrong!  Every chapter ends with a little cliff hanger.  The thing is, though the language is simple enough, you feel sort of “smart” reading it. 

It’s totally character-driven, and the characters are very believable.  Even when he throws you a curve, you see in retrospect that the outcome is very in sync with the character–but I didn’t really see it coming.  (I’m not giving titles or authors.  Why would I want to find out that you knew it all along and I’m just a sucker?)

Bottom line, I’ve enjoyed this.  I’ve learned some very tangible things I can take with me.  My main eureka moment came in the first typing session when I was reminded that it’s not really about each and every sentence, but the story.  Moving forward.  Building tension.  Pacing conflict.

Let me know if you try this and what you learned.  Riv