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Thank you all. So great to have this support!

Georganna asked:

I forgot to ask the other important question we were waiting to learn — the number of books sold so far (left over from a previous conversation thread I can’t find).  You’d said that info would accompany the first royalty check. 

Here are the nitty gritty’s: As of September, they had sold 6559 books from the warehouse and had 1171 returned, for a net of 5,388 books sold to readers or still in bookstores. There were 7,000 printed, and the release date was March 15 of this year. That all sounds good to me for 6 months on the market. Oh, and my royalty is 2%. My check was $140. Let’s not break that down into an hourly rate, shall we? Yikes. Yeah, Linda, I should have done something special with it, but what I did was pay down the credit card that I used for all book-related expenses, like travel on our little book tour. Ha!

Like I said about the day job.