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Hello All,
Stephanie Losee here–I’m the editorial director for FieldReport. First, thank you for your patience during our beta. We are now correcting any bugs beta users find, including the bar that doesn’t let you select a date for your FieldReport that occurs before 2003. (That certainly limits our Witness to History category to recent history!)

Second, I would like to offer you a summary of the FieldReport contests and of our submission agreement, which follows. Note that your piece would have to earn or win more than $1,000 in an 18-month period for you to have sold exclusive rights to FieldReport, and even then you continue to earn money from it. Here are the basic terms for the beta, which concludes July 1 with the site’s official launch:

FieldReport will award a cash prize of $20,000 to the writer of the highest-rated story on the site (as determined by our blind user-driven reviewing process) on July 1. We will also be awarding 17 prizes of $1,000 to $2,000 to the writers of the highest-rated stories in each of 17 categories on July 1.

Our submission agreement is very much like those of other content-driven web sites such as YouTube. When you post a story on the site, FieldReport becomes your representative for that particular story. FieldReport publishes the story on the site, and enters it into FieldReport contests. In return, you grant FieldReport certain rights, for which you may earn royalties and commissions. If FieldReport licenses your work to a third party, you keep 75% of the fee, and FieldReport gets 25%. It’s the same if another publication licenses the FieldReport directly from you: you keep 75%, and a 25% commission goes to FieldReport. And if FieldReport publishes your work in a print anthology, we will pay you a 15% royalty on the earnings (like a book publisher would).

If your FieldReport earns more than $1000 in its first 18 months on the site, you agree to assign exclusive rights in the story to FieldReport, however, you continue to earn royalties and commissions. The arrangement above also applies to works that are reasonably considered derivatives of your FieldReport, like a screenplay, an expanded version of your story, or a longer story in which your FieldReport plays a central role. But if your FieldReport earns less than $1000 in its first 18 months, then these agreements no longer apply to these kinds of derivative works. At that point you can create any work that you want based on your FieldReport and license it or sell it in any way, without FieldReport being involved.

This summary is meant only as a guide; it does not substitute for reading the full agreement. We know that authors may have plans for a piece that could conflict with this agreement, and recognize that FieldReport may not be the appropriate venue for all works. But we hope you have at least a few great stories that are!
Best regards,
Stephanie Losee for FieldReport