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Ann Emmert Abbott

This site is registered to “Diaspar Capital”, which also owns 26 other domains. The people mentioned on the “About” page are also, apparently, partners/employees of that investment management company, according to the returns from a Google search .

According to Diaspar’s home page:

Diaspar Capital, LLC is a private equity firm specializing in value-oriented overseas investment opportunities. Our strategy is to create funds specifically designed to capitalize on unique and undiscovered investment opportunities around the globe. Each fund is appropriately sized to deliver maximum returns to our exclusive base of Limited Partners while allowing us to fully realize the investment opportunity at hand. Through our strategic international alliances, we have a truly superior approach to overseas deal sourcing, fund management and exit options.


Our unique investment strategy, our disciplined approach, and our alliance with Hong Kong-based Cheetah Investment Management …


Oh, and I wonder how the well-known survey research people, The Field Report, also based in California, I believe, feel about the use of that name.