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Laurie Zupan

“Very few of our plans for the site have been implemented at this point”… does this mean that the only part that has been implemented is the request for submitted material which has been signed over to you? Seriously – I’m trying to decide if you’re innovative or another scam. I’m asking questions because I want to know whether to delete the post as spam or a scam.

When you avoid questions, it’s hard to think that it’s legit. Where is the money coming from? Who is paying the $20,000 for the winning piece, and why are they paying it? Is it already secured or is that part of the website still “beta”? What it is in it for the party coming up with that kind of prize money? Yes – it really matters.

If some more open answers aren’t forthcoming, I’ll have to remove the post as violating the agreement of members not to solicit each other or to advertise without paying WD for the privilege.