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I say Tam Lin and The Lady of Shallot for two reasons. Tam Lin is simply beautiful. There’s a story to it, told in verse about a young knight enslaved by an evil fairy queen and a young girl named Janet, who falls in love with him. Janet and Tam Lin devise a way to be together and when the girl saves him, the queen grows angry and says “Had I known but yesterday, what I know today, I’d have cut out your two grey eyes and put in eyes of clay. And had I known but yesterday, you’d be no more my own, I’d have torn out your heart of flesh and put in a heart of stone.” For me, it’s a stunning set of lines. It drips with the sentiment of every scorned woman there has ever been. And they just… I don’t know. I love it. As for the Lady of Shallot, I first encountered a portion of that poem watching Anne of Green Gables. I didn’t read the book until much later, but I searched out the poem. It’s lovely and sad too. Like most things in life, I guess.