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I’ve been on a reading/listening spree this past year probably because I attempted to write a novel and was obsessed with craft.  Some of my picks are new and some are quite old.  

Lisey’s Story – Stephen King (something about this one that keeps resonating with the writer in me.  I had to work on not saying ‘smuck’ so much though)

The Innocent Man – John Grisham (almost got in a fight over this one)

The Notebook – Nicholas Sparks (OK, I’m a redneck but a romantic as well)

Message In A Bottle – Nicholas Sparks (ditto, see above)

Cold Fire – Dean Koontz (I loved this one and consider it one of Koontz’s best although I’m not sure why)

Dragon Tears – Dean Koontz (his second best, strictly opinion though)

In Cold Blood – Truman Capote (this one apparently drove the writer nuts)

Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card (jump started a talented writer’s career)

The Road – Cormac McCarthy (I’ve heard this guy may be mentally ill. No wonder I like his writing)

Insanity – Bryan Sims (poor quality from this beginning writer, but emotionally it hit close to home)

Honerable Mention:

On Writing – Stephen King (second or third time through it but never grows old)

Cross – James Patterson (I’m not sure if he truly wrote it, but I still liked it)