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Laurie Zupan

Britanee – 2007-11-01 6:55 PM

Star Trek? No way, I’m a Stargate kind of girl. It’s much more modern, the computer graphics are great, and all of the characters aren’t ugly. (Not that all Star Trek people are ugly!) Oh, and it isn’t dorky. Sorry guys! I don’t mean that people who like Star Trek are dorky, just the show.

Sorry, I know this has nothing to do with the original post. So I will add this: I can do the finger seperation thingy, like this V but with two fingers on each side. I agree that the acting is funny and the props are hilarious. Does that count? *wipes nervous sweat off forehead* Don’t shoot me! Please…

I used to think the same thing until my husband convinced me to watch a few episodes with him.  They’re fun because the concepts they explore are quite interesting AND because they’re dorky.  I laugh every time there’s an explosion and people start shaking themselves back and forth.  They didn’t even bother to all try to fall the same way – some are going right while others are going left.  And the different life forms they encounter are a blast, too.