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As a child I loved collecting beanie babies. They were so cute and cuddable. I alawys loved stuff animals, and I guess my favorite wasn’t even my own. It was my dad’s. My dad went on a lot of bussiness trips when I was a child. He worked at BOEING, which paid good for four children and his wife. I was the yougest of three brothers, but did most with the brother closest to my age. As a kid I enjoyed my brother’s leggo collection, pasted down from brother to brother. But one day, my mom and brother and I went to the mall, and bought a stuffed monkey for valentine’s day for my dad. My dad had always been intruigued by monkeys, and we took it with us to the airport to greet him. He named the monkey Norman, from the olddies song, “Nor-man, oooah-oooah… Norman, my love”.
When my dad was going on his next bussiness trip, I had a hard time saying good-bye. So, he gave me Norman “to take care of” while he was gone. After that it became tradition. I’d get so excited to ‘take care of Norman” while my dad left, I took him wherever I went. I’m afaid Norman “gained a few years”, after getting washed in the washer, and later getting his eyes re- lined with a sharpie marker. We had a good laugh,(years later) my mom and I , yet my dad said in a some-what teasing tone, “Are you laughimg at my Norman”. Yet, I still have fond memories of Norman, “my daily job”. Maybe I should put that on my resume…just kidding! 😉