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I’m as boring as all get out, but I prefer to write in my own home. I’m blessed to have my children grown up and living elsewhere (most of the time) and my husband hasn’t retired yet, so he’s not often underfoot. I also get a lot done when we’re on holiday. We spend one day together doing stuff we both enjoy and then on alternate days I write and he goes fishing or prospecting or…
I have a friend who often writes her poetry in Starbucks. Quite frankly I have no idea how she does it. We couldn’t even get a table.

When I was last in the USA – 2006 – I was stunned by the number of people carring their laptops around. There they were in restaurants, on planes, waiting in the airport, the mall…wherever we went people were either mumbling to themselves (my husband said they were on cell phones but when you can’t see the phone it looks remarkably like mass schizophrenia) or tapping away on keyboards. Apart from a couple of little kids, we seemed to be the only ones just enjoying being out!