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Laurie Zupan

Yes, I feel like giving up a lot of the time. When things are hard, that’s normal. The questions you have to ask yourself are:

1. Is it in my power to continue?
2. Am I wanting to give up because it’s gotten hard or because that is what is prudent?
3. If I give this up, what will I do in its place, and will that be something that brings as much or more reward?
4. Will it hurt someone else if I give up? If so, am I willing to take responsibility for that instead of continuing?
5. If I give up, will it cause me harm in some way – and is that price something I am willing to pay?

When you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be better able to make a decision about whether giving up this project is prudent or not. Not all projects need to be completed, and not all endeavors are worth pursuing until the end. Only you can decide for yourself on this one.

Best wishes.