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oneandonly – 2009-03-23 2:18 PM Hello, Years back I created this store with a good friend of mine. Recently I started seriously writing it. Back then my friend and I would write together and I love the store we have. Nearly ten years later I am motivated to get it out but any time I bring it up to her or ask for her characters to be in a scene… I hit a wall. In truth I understand, she is in a new relationship and they are preparing for their first son to enter the world (any day now). She doesn’t have the time to write with me any more. But I get scared. She has been a partner in the book for so long. Doubts and questions flood my mind. Do I continue without her? Do I write her characters out of my book so that I don’t bother her to write with me? Do I finish without her help? Will she prevent me from getting published if I finish without her? Do I just give up and start a new story. Let go of the world I have created, bled for, cried and laughed for. It kills me to think about it. I guess I just feel defeated right now.

I apologize, I have not read the other threads.  I am confused- do you mean you started a STORE 9as in a bookstore) or a STORY with your other friend?

As for giving up? Do you like to write? If so, my advice would be to continue on.  If you don’t like to write, I would say to move on to something you do like to do.  Life is too short to  do something you don’t enjoy doing.