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Thank you everyone for your ideas. I feel that I might have mislead you though, I am in no way interested in giving up writing I am just concerned about my current project. I feel it is also important to point out that I developed this story with her when I was 15 and though I wrote bits and pieces of it over the years it wasn’t until about seven months ago that I pulled it from the shelf and actually started seriously writing it. I’m very proud of myself, it’s exhilarating to have the images in my mind flow through the keyboard and solidify onto the screen. I understand my friend has a lot on her plate right now (speaking of which I received the call this morning that she is in the hospital giving birth). After reading the comments I had intended on speaking to her tomorrow about letting me finish the book without her, at least the first book and if she wants to pick it up again later than I have no objections. It’s doubtful that she would agree in which case I will have to abandon my beloved story and turn to new material. It’s just heart breaking. As far as legality goes I wish there was some way to create a contract that states that the world our characters belong to can be shared between us but we can not write for the other persons characters and if a book is published (which I doubt would ever happen) than that belongs to the writer who created it. I don’t want any money from her book and I hope she feels the same about mine but those are details we need to talk about, again we were young when we thought it up legal mumbo jumbo meant nothing to a couple of teenagers.