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kerrymichaelwood – 2009-03-25 11:18 PM Supe, Yes, pay attention to symbolism and metaphor. Rain is often symbolic of fertility, but in the world of this novel everything is senseless. Catherine’s pregnancy leads to her death and the infant strangles on its umbilical cord. A profoundly ironic reversal of the usual. Kerry

Hemingway (along with so many others) was not taught as part of my highschool curriculum (did I even spell that right?;) ) And right now I’m just trying to catch up with what everyone else seems to know. Maybe I can find study guides to go along with his books (and all those others). Because when I read a book I read for entertainment, and metaphors and symbolism just do not jump out at me. Anyone know where I can find study guides?;)  I was debating homeschooling my children next year. I think instead I’ll just homeschool myself. My head hurts.