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As a beginning writer, I took the plunge and hire a professional editor. Definitely do your research on the editor. Mine is published and works for a small freelance editing company. I spoke with her several times and looked into her background. I hired an editor because I have not been able to find any local writing or critique groups in Delaware and everyone I sent my manuscript to were friends and family. Friends and family are not going to tell you where you’ve made mistakes unless they understand the writing world. They may find spelling and grammar mistakes, but that’s easy stuff to fix. I needed help on things like POV shifts, showing versus telling and exposition issues. I knew that there were more than minor issues because I never paid attention in English class.

If you do hire an editor, be prepared for a lengthy process. If you have something close to 100,000 words and they say it will take two weeks, find another editor. It took almost 3 months for mine. The good thing is I made only a few errors, I just made the same few errors many times (i.e. POV breach, passive voice, showing vs telling). All of these things I never understood even though I read several books on writing. Now it’s like I took a creative writing class and didn’t even know it. Just like my current career, I am investing in a future.