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Dear Journal,
I wouldn’t be writting to you, if this wasn’t an ememercy. Its basally a matter of life and death, and no I’m not being overly dramatic! Willard Scott, the quaterback on the school’s football team asked ME to go to the prom with him! Only probelm was I nearly fainted when he asked me, second my mom had this total crazy faesty that I should go to the prom with Wilard in her highschool prom dress that made her prom queen. However I don’t fit in it! I nearly broke theythreading, while trying it on! Not fitting was a total understatement!
So here i am, stuck trying to make my mom happy, who insisted i was just, “chubby around the hibs”, that I could lost the pounds with no problem. And not to mention keep Willard happy, who feels uncomfortable at school when I’m practically eatting air, and he alawys orders lunch from the school cafeiteria. However PROBLEM! just wait and see, and don’t tell me I didn’t warn you!

Week one
My mom said to stay away from sugary foods, so i did (when she wasn’t around)
Lost five pounds at the beginning off the week, but had a sugar urge, and gained three back. My friend Malissa hid all her fridos, and other good stuff in her lunch box, amnd when we got to school after my mom dropping us off, (since she just livesd next door) gave me the extras she picked up from her home.
I rode my bike like crazy burning off the extra calories, with unhappy results!

Week two
The stay away from bread week. She packed me meat and chese baggies with no bread expecting me to eat them! Willard felt sorry for me, and traded lunches. I happily ate his bean and chese burrio with a ice cream cup, and a apple the size for the umbaloobas off of The Wizard of Oz. Rest of the week Malissa and Willard “helped out.”
Lost five pounds after working out at the school gym, but I had gained four, so not much .

Week 3
The veggie week. I know my mom was realizing I was getting feed, because the diet and the exerize wasn;t paying up, plus I’m a lousey lyier. She says she can tell by looking at my face, that am that I have a problem looking people in the eye when I know I’m lying, and don’t want to get caught.
She called Willard’s and Malissa’s parents and told them they were ruining my diet. Embrassed, I stopped eatting full meals, and ate very sparingly. I’d eat some of Willard’as food, but only bites, and I’d call that a meal. Malissa, knowing her was so shocked about the phone call, that and her mom getting upset at her, stopped feeding me. Willard didn’t care.
I lost seven pounds, while exercising like crazy.

The Suirprise week. I thought my mom would surprise me with a dessert week, but instead it was not much of a surprise if ytou ask me. The seafood smelled so bad Willard started making the “see food joke”, while i threw it in the garbage, and ate nothing until I got home. Malissa surprised me and gave me some Nutter butters. The next day I traded 3 guys who were oriental my “see food” for their apples, oranges, and any other fruit that had in their lunch boxes.

I lost four pounds, and my mom said knowing I was going behind her back again eatting someone else’s lunch, hugged me and actually cried, saying how beauiful I looked in her prom queen dress and proud of me for trying so much to please her and fit it, that even Willard didn’t have anything to say when he saw me.